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Our drawing system utilizes the incredibly powerful Excalidraw framework so you can focus on creating your awesome notes!


Block-based editing

Take advantage of the advanced note-taking platform with new block-based editing! Easily add, move and remove various blocks to build your perfect note, effortlessly!

Block-based editing

Autosave & Backups

Enjoy live saving and per-edit backups!. This means each sentence you type is backed up to our servers!

Live sync

Secure notes

We take security seriously at DoNotes, that is why we encrypt all your notes and files with AES-256 bit encryption!


Apps (Coming Soon!)

Explore our growing library of Apps to complement your note-taking journey. Add user-created apps to your notes, or create one yourself using our intuitive documentation!



With DoNotes, you can easily share your notes with friends and colleagues and collaborate in real time!


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Enhance your note-taking with block-based editing

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